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Linn Church Staff

Bridge Pastor Team

-Rev. Carol Wickersham, Pastoral Care and Worship

-Rev. Will Houts, Session Moderator


Church Administrator 

-Office: 262-248-1588

-Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 10-12

Tuesday & Thursday 9-1

Friday-Office Closed

Vicki Brumfield-Sunday School Coordinator 

Cindy Smith-Custodian/Wedding Coordinator 

Beth Gallagher-Bookkeeper 



Clerk of Session: Mary Hayden

Mission: Currently Vacant

Nominating: Ashley Houston 

Worship & Music/Personnel: Libby Palmer 

Admin & Finance: Lauren Asplund 

Membership: Mary Hayden 

Building & Grounds: Tom Kreutziger 

Youth & Family Ministries/Rummage Liaison: Quinn York 

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